Introducing Optiversal SEO: Rank for new keywords, boost organic traffic, and drive conversions at scale

Introducing Optiversal SEO: Rank for new keywords, boost organic traffic, and drive conversions at scale

May 2, 2023

For countless shoppers, search engines are the easiest way to find the products they want. Retailers know this, but optimizing their websites for discoverability is challenging. 

While some shoppers seek out specific brand or product names, many more simply search for natural, descriptive keywords like “comfy leggings.” These long-tail keywords typically signal strong purchase intent. Yet, unfortunately for merchants, they’re also harder to create content for. 

Retailers can’t afford to lose those potential customers. Now, with Optiversal’s SEO capabilities, they no longer have to. 

Optiversal is now offering AI-powered keyword research and SEO content generation. And the results of our dynamic, AI-powered content speak for themselves: 

  • Over 25% of pages ranked in top 3 Google results

  • Over $147M of incremental revenue generated in 2023

  • Over 185,000 product listing pages published

  • Up to 25% more organic search traffic

  • Typical ROI between 20–50x

Optiversal’s AI Landing Pages find unique long-tail keywords and create content to help you rank

As mentioned, finding relevant long-tail keywords is a complex, technically sophisticated process. Even after those keywords are discovered, manually creating content to target them would still take countless hours. 

Today, Optiversal solves both problems by combining semantic keyword research technology and proprietary generative AI models designed for ecommerce content. 

This pairing helps enterprise retailers rank for entirely new keywords based on unique customer data. As a result, you capture site visits — and purchases — you weren’t getting before. 

Dynamic product listing pages capture long-tail search traffic

Optiversal creates dynamic, SEO-friendly product listing pages at scale. We showcase products relevant to these long-tail keywords and enrich and update the pages to maximize their longevity and your ROI. 

Step 1: Discover hidden keyword opportunities

Optiversal uses semantic analysis and natural language processing to analyze your unique product catalog, customer ratings, and customer reviews. What words and phrases do customers use over and over again? 

This reveals high-intent, long-tail keywords, which your brand already has the products to rank for. Picture natural-language searches “comfy leggings” or “apartment size washing machine”. They just need the right content! 

Step 2: Generate product listing pages to target each keyword

With our generative AI, Optiversal builds a listing page around each keyword, showcasing a relevant assortment of products. 

Then, we enrich each page with: 

  • Helpful product Q&As

  • Interlinked intro and footer copy

  • Relevant product and link carousels

  • Customer reviews mentioning the keyword, which nurture trust

Step 3: Continually optimize every page for conversions

Once Optiversal pages go live, we keep improving and updating them. This ensures every page remains accurate, relevant and helpful to customers, and optimized to drive traffic and conversions. Optiversal automatically: 

  • Updates pricing information for accuracy

  • Replaces out-of-stock and out-of-season products 

  • Removes or redirects pages cannibalizing each other

  • Generates more pages similar to those performing well. 

Try Optiversal SEO to boost rankings, traffic, and revenue

When retailers rank for more long-tail keywords, they drive traffic, conversions, and revenue. But, discovering and targeting all of those keywords at scale simply isn’t possible without AI. 

That’s why some of the world’s best retailers use Optiversal to: 

  1. Discover long-tail keyword opportunities relevant to their products

  2. Publish high-quality content to target these keywords at scale

  3. Capture traffic and revenue that grows organically over time

See what SEO by Optiversal can do for your eCommerce business. Request a demo today. 

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