How Optiversal uses AI to create original, high-quality content

How Optiversal uses AI to create original, high-quality content

Jun 15, 2022

Teal Flower
Teal Flower

What is a landing page?

“Isn’t AI content generic and unpredictable?”

“How can we stand out if we use AI writing?”

“Doesn’t ChatGPT make things up?”

If concerns like this have stopped you from using AI for retail content, we get where you’re coming from. Most people’s interactions with artificial intelligence are limited to generic tools like ChatGPT.

Output from these systems is often boring, repetitive, and inaccurate. That’s because generative AI tools are limited by the prompts you give them. In other words, their output is only as good as your input.

That’s a serious problem if you need branded, results-oriented material for a specific use-case, like ecommerce. You won’t get that from a multipurpose tool like ChatGPT without hours of careful prompting, re-prompting, and editing.

What if you could create targeted, super-powerful AI models that generate niche types of content very quickly? That’s what Optiversal does.

Retailers create high-quality, on-brand content with Optiversal

Optiversal isn’t meant to be all things to all people. Unlike generic AI tools, we were built to do one thing well: generate high-quality, on-brand ecommerce content that captures site visits and purchases.

Optiversal goes beyond simple content generation to help retailers generate more traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Our three-step system:

  1. Uncover longtail keywords in your customer data with semantic analysis

  2. Generate dynamic content, like product listing pages, targeting those keywords

  3. Automatically monitor and update that content so it keeps driving sales

For example, Optiversal discovers long-tail keyword opportunities like “mascara for sensitive eyes” or “dish soap for grease stains.” Then, we create content showcasing the products from your store that line up to those terms.

Dedicated models, trained on your data, drive more traffic and sales

Optiversal uses three crucial strategies to generate unique, high-quality retail content that’s true to your brand voice.

1. Optiversal uses multiple LLMs and custom ecommerce models

Optiversal uses multiple custom AI models, specifically designed to write different types of retail content. Each model is trained on excellent examples of its content type, like product descriptions, landing page intro copy, or product FAQs.

We’re powered by multiple large language models, including GPT-4, GPT-4.5 Turbo, Cohere, GPT-J and LLAMA. This allows us to choose from a variety of models to fit different content needs.

2. Optiversal trains its models from your product catalog

Optiversal’s output is informed by your actual product catalog. Rather than simply predicting text, our models describe the products you actually sell because we train LLMs for that use case.

Generic AI tools are trained on a massive dataset of internet knowledge. This data hasn’t been vetted for e-commerce use cases, which is why the output is often unreliable.

3. Optiversal’s output aligns to your brand voice

Optiversal knows what you sell, but we also know how you talk. In addition to ingesting your catalog, we train our models on your style guide and brand voice.

That’s why Optiversal’s content sounds differentiated from competitors, and true to the brand identity your customers love.

Try an AI-powered system built to drive ecommerce revenue

Optiversal isn’t a generic AI writing assistant. We’re an AI-powered content platform built specifically for enterprise retail. With custom models, client-specific training data, and multiple layers of prompt aids, we can generate 20 kinds of retail content, 10X faster.

You get content at scale, while maintaining the quality that will keep driving traffic, conversions, and revenue. That’s why some of the world’s best retailers use our platform.

  • A top beauty retailer gets 6% of their total site traffic from Optiversal Landing Pages

  • A top pet retailer saw increases of 15% - 25% in Click Through Rate from Google using Optiversal’s differentiated Product Content

  • A top electronics retailer drives 7% of site traffic from 55,000 live Optiversal pages, and 4X’ed blog traffic in eight months with Optiversal’s marketing content

  • Interested in how Optiversal can help you boost sales by creating high-quality, on-brand content at scale? Request a demo to see us in action.

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