Introducing Product Content: Boost SEO rankings, engagement, and conversions in seconds

Introducing Product Content: Boost SEO rankings, engagement, and conversions in seconds

Nov 28, 2023

Product content matters. It’s the eCommerce equivalent of picking up an item and chatting with a sales associate. It’s often the customer’s only way to make an informed buying decision.

Yet, too many product pages have messy titles, empty Q&A sections, and the same canned descriptions as every other site. That’s because creating unique product content at scale drains resources. As a result, it hurts traffic and conversions: Shoppers may struggle to find the right product listing, or lose interest when they see a barebones PDP.

Not anymore. Enter: Optiversal.

Our AI-powered content platform helps the world’s top brands and retailers create high-quality, on-brand eCom copy in a fraction of the usual time.

Starting today, we’re offering AI product content optimization. With Optiversal, your product content can stand out from the crowd — whether you carry hundreds or thousands of SKUs.

Optiversal creates and optimizes product content at scale

Enterprise brands and retailers trust Optiversal to create three types of product content:

  1. Differentiated, on-brand product descriptions

  2. Relevant and helpful Q&As

  3. SEO-friendly product titles

Differentiate your brand with unique product descriptions

Brands face a dilemma: Product descriptions are usually undifferentiated across retail channels, making it hard to stand out to shoppers and search engines.

By learning your product catalog, Optiversal rewrites these descriptions in bulk. This tool can turn a single line into multiple paragraphs while maintaining your brand’s voice.

As a result, Optiversal users can:

  • Stand out from similar merchants

  • Compete more effectively in SEO

  • Reduce duplicate copy

Brands can also provide these unique product descriptions to retailers to bolster their partnerships.

Keep shoppers engaged with helpful Q&As

If you've shopped online, you’ve probably seen an empty Q&A field at the bottom of a product page. Optiversal fills these content gaps by generating relevant questions and well-written answers at scale.

As a result, Optiversal users can:

  • Maintain consistency across product pages

  • Enhance time on-site and conversion rates

Optimize product titles for improved SEO rankings

Retailers’ titles, links, and meta tags for product pages are often cluttered and unclear. Someone searching for a new keyboard won’t type “T49 keyboard XY9844” into Google. Rather, they’ll use conversational language to describe what they want, such as “black mechanical keyboard USBC.”

Here’s how Optiversal solves this for brands and retailers with tens of thousands of PDPs:

  • Optiversal rewrites product titles in natural language. As a result, shoppers easily find the products they search for, which boosts conversions.

  • Optiversal cleans up titles and links in bulk so they’re more easily crawled and indexed. As a result, PDPs see improved SEO rankings and click-through rates.

Create product content that drives revenue in a fraction of the time

Differentiated product content drives results. Take it from the leading enterprise brands and retailers who leverage Optiversal for:

  • SEO- and shopper-friendly copy

  • Increased conversion rates and revenue

  • Major time and cash savings on content creation

See what product content by Optiversal can do for your eCommerce business. Request a demo today.

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