Optiversal vs AI copy writing tools

Optiversal vs AI copy writing tools

Oct 23, 2023

E-commerce is more competitive than ever. Retailers need high-quality content to stand out from the competition and attract traffic and sales. Yet, too many enterprise retailers entrust their content quality to generic AI-powered writing assistants. 

This is where Optiversal stands out. We’re a purpose-built, end-to-end solution that turns all of your website content into a revenue driver. 

Here’s how Optiversal outperforms competitors in the AI-powered content creation space. 

Unlike generic AI tools, Optiversal’s AI is purpose-built for e-commerce

Popular AI-powered tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, or Copy.ai can rapidly produce marketing content or web copy. 

In comparison, Optiversal goes far beyond just generating text. Our main goal isn’t to speed up writing. It’s to maximize your revenue by creating high quality e-commerce that drives traffic and revenue. . 

All of our AI-powered capabilities, including content creation, help you reach that goal. 

Trained. Not templatized. 

Generic AI tools use generic Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-4 and layer  standard templates on top  to create first drafts of blog posts, marketing copy, and social ads. Then, they leave it at that. 

At Optiversal, content generation is just one step of the process. 

Before we create landing pages, product descriptions, blog posts, and more, our AI handles: 

  • Optimized models for specific content types (ie. Product Descriptions, Footer Copy)

  • Trained on our clients catalogs (we don’t hallucinate about what you sell, we know).

  • Fine-tuned based on our clients brand guidelines

  • Keyword research

  • Semantic analysis

  • Product selection

  • Ongoing optimization

As a result, Optiversal turns the process of driving long-tail search traffic and conversions into a streamlined, AI-powered process from end to end. 

Optiversal continually updates and optimizes content after publishing

General purpose AI tools can generate content, but they don’t monitor or update their outputs for accuracy. That means your team has to put in the extra manual effort to keep content up-to-date. 

That’s why Optiversal continually monitors, updates, and optimizes your content: to keep driving traffic and conversions — without any additional manual lift from your team. Here’s a look at our four-step maintenance workflow: 

  1. Strategize + Ramp — Strategically create and publish content prioritized by relevance, assortment and search volume. 

  2. Monitor — Track content  performance, redirect any low-performing content, and amplify the techniques behind any high-performing content. 

  3. Enrich — Keep refining product assortments, adding supplemental copy and related product carousels, and checking for potential page cannibalization. 

  4. Maintain — Update content for accuracy, and remove out-of-stock or out-of-season products. 

Optiversal maintains your enterprise’s content quality at scale

Publishing AI-powered content at scale — without proper oversight — can lead to subpar results that harm your brand.

To prevent this, Optiversal uses established workflows (on both the client-facing and internal sides) that ensure every piece of content lives up to your quality standards, no matter your scale. 

  • Managed services workflow — Informed by each client’s unique Moderation Guidelines, Optiversal manually reviews and adjusts all content to ensure it aligns with brand standards before going live. 

  • Client workflow — Through our Client Portal, you can view all content in progress, review, and fine-tune. You can always manually edit content according to new preferences, or align it with special campaigns or initiatives. 

Optiversal: The AI content tool purpose-built to drive revenue

Optiversal isn’t just a template based AI-powered content generator. 

Instead, AI is the engine we use to serve our larger goal: driving e-commerce traffic, conversions, and sales for your business. 

Optiversal delivers results that general purpose AI tools simply can’t. Plus, our purpose-built, turnkey tools save your team the time and money it’d take to build a comparable solution from scratch. 

That’s why some of the world’s leading enterprise retailers drive revenue with Optiversal. Book a demo today to learn how we can do the same for your business. 

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