Optiversal vs Legacy SEO tools

Optiversal vs Legacy SEO tools

Oct 16, 2023

Search engines are a crucial channel for capturing retail traffic and sales. Yet, far too many enterprise retailers rely on single-purpose SEO tools for their search content and strategy. 

This is where Optiversal stands out. We aren’t just an SEO tool. We’re a purpose-built, end-to-end solution to generate search-optimized site content that drives revenue. 

Here’s how Optiversal outperforms its competitors in the SEO space. 

Optiversal goes beyond site search and facets, identifying hidden keywords in your product and review content

Too many popular SEO tools, only identify basic keywords (i.e., terms based on your product tags) and recycle the same listing page experience. 

At Optiversal, we catch the unique keywords found in your product and review data to generate multiple types of content for an effective, site-wide SEO strategy. 

Optiversal identifies more keywords based on your unique data

Most of our SEO competitors find keyword opportunities by simply looking at a website’s existing internal categories. For example, they might pull all items tagged as red and all items tagged as dresses to generate a listing page for “red dresses.” 

Optiversal takes this further to identify more unique keywords. We don’t just reference the terms you already use. We also analyze what customers are saying about your products. For example, we discover keyword opportunities hidden in your product reviews. 

Let’s say your customers frequently review certain leggings and describe them as “soft,” “comfortable,” etc. Optiversal would identify that pattern, pull those products, and create a listing page for the term “comfy leggings.” 

Optiversal produces many content types for an enhanced shopper experience

SEO vendors typically pump out the same listing pages over and over again, slotting in different products for each keyword. 

In comparison, Optiversal’s pages are more comprehensive and detailed. Our goal isn’t just to show off products. We help your business boost search rankings, keep shoppers browsing longer, and (ultimately) generate sales. 

That’s why we complement product assortments with content like: 

  • Introductory and footer copy — cross-linked to boost total site performance

  • Real customer reviews that mention the keyword to build trust and social proof

  • Page pathways to help visitors intuitively navigate to related categories

Optiversal never stops optimizing our pages

Many SEO vendors create “set it and forget it” listing pages, which are never updated after publishing. Inevitably, info on those pages goes out of date, and they cannibalize each other as search rankings change. This is a waste of traffic, resources, and potential sales. 

Optiversal’s feedback and monitoring process sets us apart from competitors. Our pages are part of a dynamic ecosystem of content that never stops driving conversions. 

We make the most of our client’s marketing budgets by: 

  • Updating prices

  • Replacing out-of-stock SKUs

  • Adjusting pages for seasonality

  • Removing or redirecting cannibalized pages

  • Automatically detecting duplicate keywords and assortments and fixing them

  • Building more pages similar to those that perform well

Beyond listing pages, Optiversal creates content for your site-wide SEO strategy

Product listing pages are a common, well-proven strategy to capture traffic from long-tail search terms. However, you shouldn’t stop here if you want a full-bodied, site-wide SEO strategy. 

That’s why Optiversal creates far more than just listing pages. We also provide high-quality content types for enterprises to use across their websites. Plus, every piece of Optiversal content is accurate, interlinked, and on-brand. 

In addition to listing pages, we create SEO-friendly: 

  • Blog posts, such as buying and how-to guides

  • Blocks of corresponding copy for linked pages

  • Welcome pages and store descriptions

At a glance, all of this Optiversal content helps retailers build subject-matter authority while attracting and converting new traffic. 

Optiversal: The AI content tool purpose-built to drive revenue

Optiversal isn’t just a standard SEO tool. We use SEO as a lever to serve one larger goal: driving retail traffic, conversions, and sales. 

Optiversal delivers results single-purpose SEO tools simply can’t — because SEO is just one part of our toolkit. Plus, our purpose-built, turnkey solution saves your team the time and money it’d take to build a comparable solution from scratch. 

That’s why some of the world’s leading enterprise retailers drive revenue with Optiversal. Book a demo today to learn how we can do the same for your business. 

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