What is Optiversal and how does it work?

What is Optiversal and how does it work?

Nov 22, 2023

Optiversal drives incremental traffic and revenue for enterprise retailers, by creating content at scale using AI. We use Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models to help enterprise retailers generate landing pages, product copy, and evergreen marketing content. 

Unlike generic AI tools, we know what great retail content looks like. We use custom models designed for ecommerce, trained on our clients’ product data and brand voice. 

The result is content that’s differentiated, high-quality, consistently updated — and produced on a massive scale. (Did we mention it drives massive value?)

Optiversal produces unique retail content at scale – here’s how 

Some of the world’s best enterprise retailers use Optiversal. They need to publish thousands of product descriptions and landing pages, but they can’t sacrifice content quality or their distinct brand voice. With Optiversal, they don’t have to. 

The results speak for themselves.

  • A top beauty retailer gets 6% of their total site traffic from Optiversal Landing Pages

  • A top pet retailer saw increases of 15% - 25% using Optiversal’s differentiated Product Content

  • A top electronics retailer drives 7% of site traffic from 55,000 live Optiversal pages, and 4X’ed blog traffic in eight months with Optiversal’s marketing content

Optiversal generates three content types: landing pages for long-tail SEO, evergreen marketing content, and product copy. 

Use Case #1: Landing pages to capture long-tail search

Creating a great long-tail search program isn’t easy for enterprise retailers. Without Optiversal, teams must identify worthwhile keywords, create content to target them, and keep it monitored and up to date. 

Luckily, Optiversal makes having a scalable long-tail search strategy possible in just three steps. We discover long-tail keywords, create landing pages to target them at scale, and monitor them automatically. 

Step 1: Semantic keyword research

First, we find keyword opportunities hidden in your product and review data. On top of ingesting all of your product listings, we use semantic search to analyze what customers are saying about those products. For instance, if customer reviews repeatedly describe a washer-dryer unit as great for apartments, “apartment size washer and dryer” is a potential keyword. 

Optiversal in action: Let’s say you search for ‘rat terrier food,’ and Petco comes up first with a page listing every relevant product they have. Optiversal created that landing page because we identified ‘rat terrier food’ as a keyword opportunity. 

Step 2: AI-powered landing page generation

Then, we use generative AI to create landing pages around these keywords, by selecting a product assortment to match each long tail keyword. We further enrich the page using client-specific AI models to generate content like intro copy, footers and FAQs. The landing page also links out to other related products and landing pages to build the company’s topic authority.

Optiversal in action: The Petco landing page shows various options for rat terrier food, plus some related SKUs like dog toys. All of the page copy sounds unique and true to Petco’s brand voice. 

Step 3: Manage and monitor landing pages

Once the pages are live, we maintain and update them. We ensure inventory is in stock, prices are accurate, keywords remain relevant, and none of our clients’ pages are competing with each other.  We continue automatically generating and populating landing pages as keyword relevance shifts.

Optiversal in action: After every Petco page goes live, we automatically update it as prices change and products go out of stock. We also ensure the keyword is still worth targeting and that it doesn’t compete with other Petco pages. 

Use Case #2: Drive compounding organic traffic with evergreen content

Evergreen content, like blog posts, shopping guides, and landing page copy, keeps visitors engaged, supports SEO, and showcases a brand’s expertise. Unlike paid ads, which give immediate results and then drop off, organic content builds slowly and compounds over time. 

Yet, it’s incredibly time-consuming for human teams to create unique marketing content. Optiversal streamlines the process, producing content 5x faster — without compromising on quality. 

Step 1: Custom content based on your catalog

We create customized marketing content, like buying guides, based on your product catalog. Keyword research and optimization means every piece of content also brings you closer to your SEO goals. 

Step 2: Output aligned with your brand 

Our custom machine learning models ensure every word aligns with your brand’s voice and tone. This isn’t generic AI content — we understand who you are, what you sell, and how you talk. You don’t have to put effort into maintaining your brand voice, because our model does it for you. 

Step 3: Internal linking for site health

We automatically build internal links into each piece of content to improve your site’s domain authority and health. Just like the rest of our content, they’re automatically monitored for quality and accuracy by human employees at Optiversal. 

Use Case #3: Differentiated product descriptions in seconds

Detailed, original product content is essential in a crowded retail marketplace. Fresh listings with brand personality help you stand out from competitors and enhance customers’ understanding of your products. 

At the same time, creating memorable, accurate product descriptions across tens of thousands of SKUs is simply not scalable for most brands. Enter: Optiversal. 

Step 1: Unique, on-brand product descriptions 

Optiversal rewrites product descriptions in bulk so that they’re true to your brand’s voice. We suggest promotional and social media copy, too. 

Step 2: Helpful Q&As for every page

We generate helpful product FAQs, so every product page is consistent and complete. This improves SEO rankings as well as conversion rates. 

Step 3: Link and title optimization

Retailers’ links, titles, and metatags for product pages are often messy and unclear. Optiversal cleans up all of these assets in bulk, so they’re easier for search engines to index and crawl. 

Leverage AI to supercharge your traffic and conversions

To create content at this massive scale, enterprise retailers need AI assistance. But maintaining strict brand and quality standards is essential, too. Generic AI tools just don’t cut it — they don’t know what makes a great landing page or product description, let alone your brand guidelines. 

Optiversal does. We built this content platform from the ground up, specifically for retail content creation. Plus, we trained our AI models to write for ecommerce content: from footer copy to shopping guides to product FAQs, all tailored to your retail brand’s voice. 

As a result, brands like Petco, Best Buy, and Sephora enjoy supercharged site traffic and downstream conversions for a fraction of the time and effort — and you can join them today. 

To accelerate content creation, drive revenue, and scale organic reach, book a demo with the Optiversal team. 

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