Optiversal’s 2023 Year in Review

Optiversal’s 2023 Year in Review

Jan 9, 2024

As we kick off the new year, Optiversal is looking back on a fantastic 2023. We multiplied our headcount and scaled our client base. 

Most importantly, we helped retailers win with high-quality, AI-generated content at scale — driving more revenue for Optiversal clients than ever before. 

2023: A year in 5 wins

  • $147 million in incremental revenue generated

  • 56.5 million site visits driven to Optiversal pages

  • 2x more landing pages created

  • 5x’ed Optiversal client base

  • 3.5x’ed Optiversal headcount

The need for retailers to capture long-tail search through landing pages is nothing new. But with AI, it’s now possible to do this at scale. 

What we learned: Retailers want purpose-built AI to bolster revenue

Artificial intelligence was a hot topic in 2023. As the COVID-19 shopping bubble deflated, many brands’ revenues returned to baseline. People looked to AI as a possible route to win back growth, but it became clear that generic tools like ChatGPT aren’t well- tailored to e-commerce content needs.  

In an increasingly competitive ecommerce sector, Optiversal stands out as a clear solution for a singular use case: capturing long-tail retail search traffic — and revenue — at scale. With over 125,000 AI-generated landing pages to date, Optiversal proves that AI isn’t about replacing human jobs. It’s about helping e-commerce teams scale their efforts.  

How we grew: Scaling talent and refining our product

In 2023, Optiversal’s team grew from 7 to 26 people. We’ve hired industry-leading talent across business, product, technology operations, client success, and sales — translating into exponential growth across the board. 

Optiversal also further defined our organizational culture and standards. We believe high-quality work requires prioritizing your input, and then letting incredible outcomes arise naturally. 

Optiversal improved our keyword process and AI landing pages

Optiversal continued iterating on our core product in 2023. We added new features — sorting and filtering, automated Footer Copy and FAQs. We launched new platform integrations, with Shopify and SalesForce Commerce Cloud. 

Under the hood, we shipped significant improvements to our keyword discovery process, finding whitespace growth opportunities automatically. Once content goes live, new automated interlinking capabilities help our clients improve their site health. We even launched new landing page templates, like Best Of pages, to help clients win traffic and customers find what they’re looking for.

Finally, we continued to set industry standards around duplication and cannibalization. We kept improving Optiversal’s abilities for automatic tagging, and removing or redirecting pages that cannibalize our clients’ existing efforts. 

What we delivered: Traffic and incremental revenue

In 2023, Optiversal’s focus on scaling dovetailed with increased demand for AI solutions. That added up to explosive growth for Optiversal — and incredible results for our clients. 

Here are a few highlights: 

  • 125,000 landing pages created, up from 65,000 in 2022

  • 56.5 million site visits driven to Optiversal landing pages in 2023

  • $147 million generated in incremental revenue in 2023

  • 13,000 pages ranked #1 on Google

  • 15,000 pages ranked #4​​–10 on Google

What’s coming up: 2024 and beyond

Even as Optiversal’s offerings and team evolve, our objective remains the same. 

In 2024, Optiversal will keep capturing consumers’ attention at pivotal moments of their shopping journey — enhancing traffic, and revenue for our enterprise retail customers. 

This formula works. That’s why the world’s best ecommerce companies, from Sephora to Petco, trust us to drive organic traffic and revenue using AI.

Looking to accelerate your content creation in 2024? Book a demo today to learn how you can scale organic reach and drive incremental revenue with Optiversal. 

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